Abigail Kahn real estate agent and team member of The ONE94 Group

Abigail Kahn

Team Member, REALTOR®

Dive into the world of real estate, where every dream has its unique address. As your real estate confidant, I understand that property decisions carry emotions and aspirations. It's my aim to make this journey not just successful but also heartfelt and memorable. Combining dedication with a touch of warmth, I strive to simplify the complexities of buying or selling homes. I wholeheartedly believe that your experience in finding a dream home should be as joyous as the life you'll lead in it. My commitment to you is genuine care, openness, and guidance every step of the way. Be it your first home or another addition to your portfolio, I'm here to help find that perfect match that resonates with your aspirations.

Let's collaborate and pave a positive path to your real estate dreams. Contact me, and together we'll make them a reality.